Jeka Energy completes solar PV power plant for Air Products

Jeka Energy completes solar PV power plant for Air Products
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Jeka Energy has completed the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV)
roof-mounted power plant for Air Products’ Kempton Park facility.

This renewable energy provides most of the energy required by the Air Products facility. 

The installed system uses the generated solar energy as it gets harnessed, hence the daytime solar energy generation. However, an allowance has been made for future expansion to an ultimate hybrid system that will incorporate energy storage systems.

The installed system is designed to generate up to 329 394 kWh in its first year of operation.  

The power plant forms part of Air Products’ commitment to continually reduce the environmental impact of its operations in support of its sustainability goals. To this end, Air Products has formed a relationship with black-owned and controlled energy company, Jeka Energy, which is a subsidiary of Jeka Resources.

Air Products’ selection of Jeka Energy as the preferred supplier was based on its record and experience in the development, construction, project execution and operation of similar solar PV systems, which were tailormade to customer requirements, the company explained in a statement.

Jeka Energy also offers advisory services pertaining to the design and development of energy efficient solar PV technology solutions.

Commenting on the relationship with Jeka Energy, Air Products technical GM Maropeng Bahula said that Air Products’ has a number of key focus areas, which it believes has made a contribution to its success in the industry to date.

Some of these focus areas include enterprise development, continuous improvement, innovation and technology.

“The solar energy project we have embarked on with Jeka Energy ticked all these boxes,” Bahula enthused, adding that the Kempton Park facility’s solar PV system was being used as a prototype and would form the basis for similar projects at Air Products’ other facilities going forward.

“We believe that as we roll out solar PV power plants over a period of time to our other facilities, we will improve our energy efficiency. Moreover, our energy mix will change, resulting in an improved carbon footprint and reduced electricity costs,” Bahula highlighted.

Jeka Energy CEO Thembani Jeffrey Marhanele, meanwhile, explained that solar energy has become a valuable tool for companies, such as Air Products, as the solar energy generated can be stored and used during peak demand periods if a hybrid system is installed.

Through the hybrid system, Jeka Energy also works with its clients to ensure that they are aware of the financial benefits of renewable energy systems. 

“At Jeka Energy, our aim is to assist businesses to develop and achieve their green energy goals while managing their demand side through energy efficient systems,” he averred.