Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
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More energy from the sun reaches the earth in one hour than humans use in an entire year. Jeka energy provides the way to harness that energy for power generation and heat production.


Our Vision

To capacitate Utilities and Corporations in exceeding their clean energy targets in
renewable energy whilst also managing their energy demand

Core Purpose

Contribute to 2030 African Integrated Resource Plan and beyond by Developing, Constructing, Owning and Operating more than 1GW of renewable energy projects across Africa.

Core Value

Generate Clean Energy to help fuel a sustainable environmentally friendly future growth path for Africa


  • Established in 2013
  • Offices in Johannesburg, Polokwane and Northern Cape
  • 14 employees
  • National Footprint: Operating in all
    9 provinces
  • 100% Black-owned
  • Private limited company

About Jeka Energy

Jeka Energy, a subsidiary of JEKA RESOURCES (Pty) Ltd is a wholly black-owned and controlled Energy company in the business of advising on and developing renewable energy, energy efficiency and revenue protection projects in Southern Africa. Broadly speaking, Jeka Resources (Pty) Ltd works with Landowners, Project Developers, Technical Partners, Regulators and Investors to source and develop projects.